The 2017 Bug-Tech calendar is coming...

This year, Bug-Tech is going on an 18 day road trip through California. We will meet 12 Bug-Tech shifter owners and their cars, to create the 2017 Bug-Tech calendar.


On September 18th that journey will begin. 

We'll be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Chico, San Diego and Palm Springs.


Join our trip on Facebook and YouTube and meet us if you are living in California.


The calendar will be $10 including shipping no matter where you live. Pre order now, shipping will start in late October.



The Plan - Bug-Tech Calendar 2017

We have chosen 12 customer cars in California to produce a very special 2017 calendar.

Thursday 18th of September we will fly from Düsseldorf (Germany) to Los Angeles (US).


We will visit our customers in various places, make pictures, take some videos and have a good time.


Join us online or if you can, come over and have a beer and a chat with us.

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